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We are looking for an elegant and interactive website to showcase our exclusive range of perfumes.

Founded in Grasse in 1996, the M. Micallef brand is now a signature in the world of high end luxury perfumes. With almost 900 retail outlets in 54 countries, the company’s success speaks for itself. Driven by their individual passion and talents, Geoffrey Nejman together with Jean Claude Astier, a renowned “nose” developed exceptional fragrances whilst Martine Micallef with her artistic flair designed and developed a range of beautifully decorated bottles.

The Micallef brand was looking to increase awareness and sales, by developing new content that tells a story of each of its collections, as well as develop a website that showcases the elegance and sophistication of the brand. Also, with the launch of its new Akowa rage we were also challenged need to come up with a digital campaign and microsite for the launch.


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We first started by creating dynamic content using cinema-graphs to tell stories of the Micallef range which created a huge social buzz. Additionally we built a very immersive website using horizontal scrolling experience to emphasize more on the products. We also launched a campaign for the Akowa range with an interactive microsite in order to raise awareness of the new fragrances and boutiques, we collaborated with local online influencers who had more than 1 million followers on instagram. Visitors were able to personalize their own perfumes on the microsite and win exclusive personalized influencer perfumes.

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