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We partner with inspiring entrepreneurs and values-driven companies to design and launch world-class digital products, systems and experiences.

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Our Journey begins by creating digital products for and with partners. Our designers, technologists, and strategists work side by side with partners to rapidly conceptualize, build and launch a new venture similar to a bee creating honey, that is unique and sticks to your audience and business goals.


Without the ability to get a product to market and into users’ hands, even the greatest idea, funding, and network are nigh-on meaningless. This is the thing that companies with almost infinite resources greatly covet. The same way the bee swarms from pollen to pollen assessing, connecting and targeting the optimal pathway to meet their objective. We serve as the missing piece, the essential component, to effectively use our expertise to launch and market any digital product.


We incubate ideas, startups and products until they are ready to fly the hive. Initially we seek to establish a parallel and independent team until we decide push the product out of the hive as an independent but federated company with its own leadership. With a dedicated venture team with investment experience that oversees the portfolio and that seeks out and validates new opportunities for the company. We leverage our product expertise and market insight to scale and keep on innovating at every touch point.

30+ Digital Experts across the globe

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Our culture
Our culture
Our culture

Our culture

We combine creative talent with a comprehensive technological approach to overcome any challenge. We are perfectionists that are independent and entirely in-house.

We are a colony of innovators. Experts in user experience, design, development and technology.

Everything digital!

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Revolutionizing your approach is vital. It is virtually impossible to outshine your competition without introducing innovative tactics; both online and offline. The new consumer expects personalized, interactive products & services.