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We are looking for a unique in-store glorifying digital display for our new skin care product range.

Olay is one of the worlds leading Skin care brands with a range of collections and products. The beauty retail space isa very competitive, and Olay needed eye-catching displays in key retail stores that will help increase awareness and sales for their new skin care range.

We really wanted to build a unique digital display that reflected the brand in terms of luxury, sophistication and spark. So we had to design a display that stood out at every angle which also held stock. We had to also create visual content that will explain the main features of the product in less than 30 seconds.


Sell Out


Sales Increase


In-Store Penetration

The main idea behind this product was the featherweight feeling on the skin, so built up on that. We designed and produced a real showcase inside with feather hanging around the hanging skin care products. Then we brought the feather to life using 3d mapping content on the transparent screen. It revealed the product and explained the main features of the product that highlighted 7 main elements, all under 30 seconds. We merged a stunning luxurious display with dynamic content to create an experience in-store that meant results.

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